About Me

Hej! My name is Morgan and I am a Canadian Rotary Youth Exchange student who will be spending my year in Denmark! I hope to share all of my exciting adventures with you, and I hope to inspire you to travel, cross dreams off of your bucket list, and to step outside your comfort zone!

If you would like to get a hold of me, this is where to do it! If anybody is in my area and would like to meet up, shoot me a message.

current city: Randers, Denmark

email: mtlirette13@hotmail.com

Hej Hej,

Morgan Lirette xx.


9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. jean junior montout

    good Job Morgan keep doing your things so proud of you

  2. Greetings from an American exchange student in Switzerland!

    • Hello to you too! :) I hope your exchange is wonderful, it sounds like it is already! xx.

    • And I also have to say, I finished reading your blog and Raeanne is one of my friends, Legit, We flew to Europe together,,,

      • No way! Well I saw your blog on the FaceBook page, so it probably knew haha. And yeah, I’m really enjoying Switzerland:) How is it learning Danish? Pretty difficult?

        • haha Facebook trying to act matchmaker or something! Switzerland really does look awesome though (my first choice, but I love it here so I can’t complain!) Danish is freaking hard. Its like speaking Norwegian with a potato in your mouth and there is 1 word that means like 60 different things, or there are 500 other words that sound like it… So I’m learning slowly, but it is definitely difficult. How’s the German?

  3. peter denooy

    Wow and I am the first one to make a comment. I feel honored.

  4. peter denooy

    Look forward to your diary stories.

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