Ch. 8: Jeg Elsker Ost

So I have to say the Danish food is really quite good. Some of it takes a little while to get used too, like rugbrød, but it’s still pretty good. One thing I fell in love with since coming here (although it is not exclusively Danish, but they eat a lot more of it than at home) is cheese. Yes, I know, cheese. I’m serious though. So, I am going to introduce you to my 3 favourite kind of cheeses that I’ve tried since being here.(but there are a lot more than just these) Here goes:

1: Brie

Okay this is a cheese sent directly to earth as a reward for actually managing to hang on for 65 million years. I cannot explain how wonderful it is. Its got that creamy spreadable consistency to it and just yum, I’m literally at a loss of words. So good on bread or toast with butter. Or on crackers. Or rice cakes. Or just anything. I eat this minimum once a week, but probably a lot more. It’s so good on its own, but when you want to class it up (like if your eating it with wine) put some pecans or walnuts (I can’t remember which one they are) that have been canned in cherry syrup on top and place it all on a wafer thin cracker. (;  Just so good. And using this wonderful tool called google, I’ve found recipes for baking it with brown sugar and pecans and cranberries and all these other delicious things. And it makes me so excited for when I get to go home and try making them all.

untitled imagesCABEPSKS

Okay just look at that. Perfection. Delicious perfection. Am I right or am I right? (And this is literally the Brie my host family buys.)

2: Prima Donna

Lets list the wonderful things about this cheese:

-A crossbreed between Gouda and Parmesan.

-Similar texture of parmesan, hard and crumbly, but still soft. Like what?


-Thinks It’s Italian.

-Tastes like heaven.

-You can eat it on it’s own, use it in cooking or practically however you want too.

-You can buy it online. (I Didn’t even realize that his was possible. But they literally have online cheese shops.)

untitled (2)PrimaDonna.1

3: Port Salut

I’m pretty sure this cheese is made by monks. Just thought I’d throw that out there. It kind of tastes like mozzarella cheese, but way better. And its soft and spreadable but you can also cut it into slices. Needless to say, its delicious. I like eating it on crackers with red or yellow peppers, but one time we were eating tomato soup and I had it on bread and dipped it in my soup. Lets just say it was beautiful, and I like this cheese.

untitled (3) untitled (4)

Honorary Mention:

My favourite kind of cheese ever. You cannot buy sharp cheddar cheese here, you can’t really buy cheddar cheese at all…. I mean as much as I love these gourmet European cheeses, I really do miss having a slice of good ole’ cheddar. <3


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